The Lorax @The Old Vic, 04/12/2015

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.” Says the Once-ler at the end of Dr. Seuss childrens’ book. The beloved American author has delivered the basis to many heart-warming Hollywood hits and has played a big role in many a child’s life growing up. I first learned about Dr. Seuss when I worked as a nanny … Continue reading The Lorax @The Old Vic, 04/12/2015

Henry IV @Barbican, 25/11/2015

The Royal Shakespeare Company is currently staging three of Shakespeare’s historic plays at the Barbican Theatre under the King And Country series. Henry V is part of that serious in light of the 600th anniversary of the Battle Of Agincourt. It’s the year 1415 and Henry IV is dead, Henry V must leave his youth behind and rally the troops in hopes to to reunite … Continue reading Henry IV @Barbican, 25/11/2015

Future Conditional @ The Old Vic, 14/09/2015

Have you ever seen a play that made your skin tingle? In plain English – goosebumps. This play was one of those. It may be my personal connection to education, nevertheless you will be able to relate to on point or another during the performance. I don’t know much about the British education system other than the usual stereotypes about private and public schools, Oxford … Continue reading Future Conditional @ The Old Vic, 14/09/2015